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Portable Security Alarm System
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Portable Security Alarm Systems
The ARMORGUARD leads the industry for portable security alarms.  Portable abilities will offer you a choice in moving it to whatever protection is needed.  The thief does not know who has heard the siren or whether it is calling authorities, and makes a quick exit.  Set it on the seat or on the floor.  Once you exit the vehicle, simply arm to activate and you are protected.  Once you return, press disarm to shut down and enter vehicle.
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000- 1500ft range   No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
* No wires No installation No additional fees. Ready to use out of the box  1 Year warranty
Use it for protecting... Rental Vehicles, Rv's, Sales Samples, Motel Room, Laptops, electronic equip. And more...
Until now security had to be hardwired
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The only portable security alarm system on the market designed to "take it with you" when you want it, where you need it.  Works great in a rental vehicle, a borrowed vehicle or any vehicle that does not have an alarm when you need it.  Plug into the vehicles cigarette lighter press arm on the key fob and you are protected against any attempt or break in.  Read more...
Use it anywhere you have 12 volts. Use the furnished cigarette plug for plug and play application or use the hardwire cable to hook up to the vehicles 12 volt power.  Build in 120db siren will sound once a thief enters the protected perimeter zone or tries to break your glass. Measuring only 8 in long, ARMORGUARD packs a lot of protection into its small package. 
ArmorGuard provides portable protection
ArmorGuard protects rental vehicles, motel rooms
Built in adjustable sensor to dial in the exact coverage you need to protect your vehicle and its contents.
Use Your portable security alarm wherever 12 volts is available. 
Or, check out our complete self contained system
ARMORGUARD makes the perfect travel companion...more
ArmorGuard provides protection while staying at motel
Protect your valuables while on a business trip or vacation in your  vehicle and motel room.  Personal security alarm.
Built-in 120db siren
On-board Shock Sensor (detects glass breakage)
400 sq.ft. Coverage with RF Sensor
Alarm sounds 30sec and resounds if violation continues
Master KEY STYLE ON/OFF siren switch with removable key
2) 3 button key fobs
Weather Resistant Housing
Flashing LED
Will operate when stored in non metalliac structure
SIZE: 8" x 4"  Shipping weight 5lbs
1 year replacement warranty
12 volt DC Converter included
PRICE $349.99 MSRP  Buy Now
When You Want It , Where You Want It Alarm
Neoprene Drawstring Tote Bag
Portable burglar alarm system... The only truely portable personal alarm systems on the market.
Easy Carry Handle