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     Portable Security Alarm Systems        
Which is better is generally depends upon the application.  Our models offer a portable way of protecting your property.  These models or not intended to out preform hard wired, but offer a choice when hard wired is not practical or reasonable
  Hard wired alarms systems are hard to beat when it comes to alarm systems.  They usually protect specific areas with their dedicated sensors and triggers.  The ability of these systems to protect is based on the quality of the installation.  After a few hours of running wire, installing sensors, placing electronics where they are not subject to the elements, you now have protection from thieves.  Or do you?  Special care needs to be taken with the install to insure that your system gives you what you paid for.  I have installed alarm systems for over 35 years.  When it comes to installing one on a boat there are certain precautions that need to be addressed. First is the placement of the brain.  Most are not from the beginning to be used on boats.  They are not water tight systems.  You will be hard pressed to find one that is for marine applications.  Most retailers would use a car alarm version. Although these will work, special care needs to be taken to insure longevity.  A little water on the brain and you have problems.  Even when protected moisture will penetrate and corrode the circuit board. The connections need to be soldered and heat wrapped.  The dissimilar  metals used in the wires will have the same effect other metals on your boat are subject to.  We use a special electronic paste to protect each connection before it is shrink wrapped.  This procedure is very time consuming.  Do it right or don't do it at all.  If all areas of concern are addressed with the install and you inspect the whole alarm every season, you will have a secured boat.
STRYKER might be a better solution for those not wanting to hardwire a alarm.  If you trade up to a newer and better boat you can take the alarm with you and not give it to the next owner.

A word about enclosed trailers.  Hardwired works fine if the only way in is through the door.  Most hardwired alarms work with sensors or triggers at the doors.  We have had several calls where the thief has cut the thin metal skin on a enclosed trailer to gain access.  Unless you have added a motion sensor inside with your hardwired system you will not be totally protected. The TRAILERWATCH portable alarm allows you to move it around inside the trailer to find the exact spot you would like to focus the security on.